Electronic Press Kit


Electronic Press Kit

Aubrey Shamel is making a new wave in the R&B pop world as she combines classic electronic beats with smooth bluesy guitar. She derives a huge amount of inspiration from artists like John Mayer, Esperanza Spalding, Adele and P!nk. An accomplished guitarist, pianist, and bassist, Aubrey commands the stage and the studio, blending her pure and powerful voice with the electronic/organic crossover sound that has become her home.

Originally from Lewisville North Carolina, Aubrey moved to Nashville in 2013 to pursue her career in music. Now she writes with some of Nashville’s most accomplished songwriters — including Byron Hill, Pat and Pete Luboff, Ralph Murphy, and Matt Scullion — and spends countless hours in the studio drumming up new grooves for the next release.  

“I first heard Lewisville-native singer/songwriter Aubrey Shamel about three years ago at the Creative Center when she was 17. I was so impressed with this young pop artist’s vocals, songwriting, and guitar and keyboard chops that I interviewed her on the spot and did a story on her for Go Triad. I’ve been watching her ever since.”
Ogi Overman, O’Henry Magazine 
“Aubrey is so good that I would be surprised if she didn’t make a splash on the national music waters in the coming years.”
– Mike Garrigan, leader of Collapsis, formerly signed by Universal Records, Mike Garrigan’s Blog
“As a promotor…you never know what you’re going to get when you ask someone new to perform. The minute I heard (Aubrey’s) music I was confident that (Aubrey) and our festival would be a great combination.” 
– Tim Thompson, Event Promotor
“Today she is a quadruple threat as a singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist. And she does them all with the proficiency of one twice her age.”
– Ogi Overman, Yes Weekly
“Aubrey is beautifully poised, confident, with a maturity and sense of purpose that must make her parents proud and will no doubt serve her well in her pursuit of her dreams.”
– Kris Ferris, Featured Artist Interview


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Adele, P!nk, John Mayer

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