So what’s my story? Well…since you asked 😉

When I was around 9 or 10 my grandparents bought me this shiny, red, Fender Squire mini guitar. I flipped OUT – what’s funny about this is they had actually bought me an acoustic guitar years prior that sat in a corner until after I got the red electric guitar. What’s even funnier is that the poor, neglected classical guitar actually ended up getting used a lot more than my shiny red Fender.

That gift sparked…well…the rest of my life. I remember going to a family friend’s house to visit shortly after getting the guitar and he, a sweet old man, gave me “Guitar for Dummies.” I look back at the sheer existence of that book and chuckle but it was extremely special to me at the time.  

Man, I could not wait to get home and learn a song. The first song I learned was Kumbaya lol. I even remember the chords I played: A, D, A, D, A, E, A. I quickly asked my parents if I could take lessons. I’m sure they were surprised by this request since I had moaned and groaned for years until they finally took me out of piano lessons. But…piano lessons just…sucked. Haha.

After that it was not long before I was playing my guitars everywhere I could. I started to sing – which I never thought I could do – and write songs without thinking about it. I think that’s what’s so crazy about it to me looking back. Everyone considers the ability to write songs as very difficult, and a lot of times it is, but for whatever reason I just did it…because.

And that’s pretty much what started it all. I couldn’t stop writing songs and singing so I knew I had to be an artist. I just had to. But…How DO I get a music career? That’s what I’m on here to figure out. 

I created this blog because I thought, “Wait…maybe things I learn could actually help people?” I vowed to work at least 8 hours a day so this will also help keep me in check. 

There are so many people out their struggling with their music career and just wanting to give up…

Pleas don’t!

Let’s talk about it, let’s write about it, let’s team up and figure this out!

I’ll check in later but for now I must sleep. I’ll explain my odd sleep schedule in another post but for now…

How do I even music?